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About JSO-Chesapeake Bay

At the 2010 Bay Yacht Agency sponsored rendezvous, a proposal was made to start a Jeanneau sailboat owners group so the group could hold more events and share experiences. Three owners met on several occasions to start the planning. This culminated in a preliminary proposal that described the basic concepts of fun, informality and low cost. This was presented at a February 26, 2011 meeting graciously sponsored by Jeanneau America. The ideas were enthusiastically accepted by the 25 attendees, representing 15 sailboats, many who volunteered to handle publicity, event planning and group organization. The group planned a number of events for the 2011 season that all turned out to be fun and successful.

From the outset, we recognized the possibility that our efforts to form a Chesapeake Bay group could lead to the formation of other groups. Through Jeanneau America’s help, our activities were publicized to Jeanneau sailboat owners who gave us permission to add them to the Jeanneau sailboat owner’s distribution list. This prompted a group in Chicago to reach out to our group for ideas on how they could start a Chicago area group. We continue to see value in this strategy and encourage other Jeanneau sailboat owners to join their own regional chapter or start their own regional chapter if one doesn’t exist


Questions?  We can be reached at -- but please understand if we don't answer right away, we just might be out sailing.



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